Marine Maintenance World Expo and Conference 2018

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27 - 29 June 2018
Hall 11, Amsterdam RAI, The Netherlands

Industry News

Thordon Bearings and Drydocks World to convert ships to seawater bearings

Thordon Bearings and Drydocks World-Dubai signed a milestone agreement on 4 May under which the UAE-based shipyard will work with Thordon Bearings to promote the conversion of ships’ oil-lubricated propeller shafts to Thordon’s seawater-lubricated bearing systems.

The agreement will create a specialist team of Drydocks World-Dubai and Thordon Bearings personnel to support ship managers and owners looking to ensure their vessels are fully compliant with environmental legislation prohibiting the discharge of oil from the oil-to-sea interface of ships’ propeller shafts. Shipowners could face substantial financial penalties if their vessels are found to be non-compliant.

Leaking shaft seals are known to be a significant contributor to ongoing pollution at sea. The use of biodegradable lubricants, which are an improvement over mineral oils, is still a very expensive option for shipowners and some are having seal compatibility issues. Even biodegradable lubricants still need to be reported to authorities when discharges occur. Thordon provides a solution that uses seawater as the lubricant that meets all regulations, eliminating any risk of oil pollution.

Under the terms of the agreement, Thordon Bearings will also provide equipment, training and guidance to Drydocks World-Dubai personnel, and support the yard in carrying out propeller shaft conversion projects. - May 2017

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