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Updated 22 May 2017

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Stand: M4070

ABCON AS is a Danish company, specialized in producing and selling STOP LEAK additives and maintenance additives developed for the maritime market. For years ABCON has been market leader in STOP LEAK additives, delivering the products world-wide to more than a hundred vessels per year.

Stand: M4072

Allied Reliability Group (ARG) offers integrated Asset Management Solutions worldwide helping our Marine customers like EXMAR, DEME & JDN to reach their highest possible potential by increasing vessel up-time, efficiency, reducing downtime by improving equipment reliability and optimizing maintenance budgets over the total life cycle of assets utilization.

Stand: M3100

We are CORROSION, which is divided in the divisions Maritime, Offshore and Laboratory, and first class manufacturer and supplier of high quality, turnkey ICCP, ICAF & more! We steel your trust: Compassion is our keyword. Compassionate people are kind, caring and are willing to help others.

Stand: M4045

Crown Oil (Environmental) Limited offer a wide range of marine services, from marine fuel uplifts to confined space cleaning and dockside quick response services. They provide Marine services at any port in the UK and can be there within 24 hours of receiving your call.

Stand: M5028

ECHA Microbiology specialises in helping Marine Industry Operators to solve their microbiological contamination and corrosion problems. For more than 30 years, ECHA has developed and supplied industry leading technical products (such as on-board test kits), technical consultancy, laboratory analysis and training services, and has helped its customers understand and avoid the consequences and costs of microbiological contamination.

Stand: M3000

Flyability introduces the first collision-tolerant flying robot designed for industrial inspection professionals. Allowing access to complex, cluttered or indoor places, Elios is unleashing the potential of UAVs in various applications where their use was previously too dangerous or simply impossible. Inspection can be performed at lower downtime, costs and risks.

Stand: M4020

Goltens is a service organization that enables ship owners, shipyards, industrial plants and power stations, all over the world, to minimize asset downtime via diesel services, in-situ machining, and BWT system retrofits. Clients rely on Goltens to organize, plan and perform critical engine maintenance and repair work Through in place machining we eliminate downtime associated with the disassembly, transportation and reinstallation of machinery.

Stand: M2015

Harsonic is an electronic device to avoid bio - fouling and bacteria. For boxcoolers, strainers, fresh water generators, ship-hulls, propellers, watertank, gasoiltank and pipelines, Avoid fouling in a sustainable way. You can save money on maintenance and fuel and you can save the environment at the same time.

Stand: M1010

Regular preventive check-ups are crucial for a properly functioning HVAC system. A healthy HVAC system minimises the risk of system failure at inconvenient moments, guarantees an optimal indoor climate and reduces power consumption, making your HVAC system more energy-efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly. Therefore, Heinen & Hopman recently formed a dedicated MRO department.

Stand: M3020

For 30 years HoldTight Solutions has made and distributed HoldTight®102 SALT REMOVER /FLASH RUST PREVENTER. It is environment and human-friendly. It is used primarily in surface preparation before coating in water and wet-abrasive, and dry blasting applications. The company also distributes HT365 for up to 365 days of protection against rust.

Stand: M4040

IB presents InfoSHIP, the software suite covering technical fleet management, supporting clients in day-by-day operations (offices and ships), business organization, costs control and rules compliance. Specific features are dedicated to fleet energy governance to satisfy the upcoming MRV requirements, electronic logbook management with a focus on bilge and sludge operations recording.

Stand: M2035

Innovative Manufacturing Rotterdam is the exclusive distribution centre for Europe. 8 Products designed for maximum protection. Innovative manufacturing invests in research and development of new products for corrosion protection, sealing and repairs problems. Constantly seeking innovative ways to economically and easily solve problems on board, or on site.

Stand: M3060

Providers of intelligent Condition Monitoring & Vessel Efficiency Software along with Data Analysis Services. Our flagship product, Mimic, provides vessel owners and operators with live decision making data relating to asset condition and operational efficiency. Data from Mimic can help you optimize your maintenance, improve performance and avoid costs associated with off-hire, breakdown maintenance and insurance claims.

Stand: M3010

Since 1999, LG Sonic has been a leading international manufacturer of ultrasonic algae control and biofouling prevention systems. During the Marine Maintenance exhibition, the company will showcase the Ecohull, to prevent biofouling on ship hulls and the Industrial Line, to prevent biofouling in industrial systems such as sea chests.

Stand: M4022

Librestream brings the eyes and ears of experts into the field virtually to inspect, diagnose, and troubleshoot assets. Using the Onsight collaborative mobile platform, teams share live video and pictures, talk, and telestrate from even the most remote locations. Deployed globally, service organizations report improved first-time-fix rates, response times, and mentoring.

Stand: M3035

Lindemann Marine Products, a Danish owned company, is the producer and distributor of MPS Stop Leak products, which prevent oil leakage and water ingress in sub-sea propulsion systems such as stern tubes, bow thrusters, CPPs, stabilizers and rudders.

Stand: M3034

M.A.R.S. Marine manufactures UHMW-PE products to improve the wearability of your marine lines, ropes, or nets and reduce maintenance, corrosion, and ice adhesion. Products include: Piling sleeves; mooring line chafing protection systems; fairlead roller covers; and custom applications that can be put over bollards, stems, chocks, H-bits, bullnoses, etc.

Stand: M4020

Martechnic is a leading expert in oil quality management. The company specialised in portable test devices for the on-site trend monitoring of fuel, lube and hydraulic oils, as well as sensor equipment for continuous real-time assessment of oil conditioning.

Stand: M2020

Elastomeric coatings to electrically insulate and seal propulsion drives against destroying forces caused by sand, debris, marine growth or ice. An ultra-lightweight surface protection concept to create fluid-flow optimized, impact resistant geometries. Suitable for commercial and navy vessel, Particularly for hihg speed inquiries and noise absorpton (signaure change)

Stand: M4024

MMH Malta Ltd. specialises in the specific requirements of the oil and gas and marine sectors, providing a wide range of services including rig agency and rig stop services, planning, project recruitment, the contracting of pre-screened and pre-qualified personnel, training, logistics, facilities provision, supply chain services and project management.

Nylacast Ltd /Stand: M2045

Photoron /Stand: NT4

PINOVO AS /Stand: M3030

Stand: M2030

SDT is known worldwide as the pioneer of ultrasonic tightness testing of hatch covers. SDT helps engineers in identifying upcoming failures in an infant stage, well before wear sets in and damage occurs. SDT’s simple, innovative and high quality products contribute to the overall reliability of shipborne equipment and facilitate environmental friendly operation of ships, allowing ship owners and managers to create a competitive edge.

Stand: M1010

Teknotherm provides service on all types of refrigeration plants installed on merchant marine and fishing vessels as well as offshore platforms. Our highly competent service engineers perform a wide range of repair, overhaul and warranty work on all types of refrigeration- and HVAC-units.

Stand: M2010

Tero Marine is a Norwegian software company developing fleet management software. Our flagship, the TM Master suite, is one of the leading fleet management brands in the world of shipping, with more than 2000 licenses worldwide. We are proud that some of the world’s leading shipping companies have chosen TM Master.

Stand: M4050

United Heat Transfer an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, has been in existence since 3 decades & have supplied more than 40000 Nos of heat exchangers globally. We manufacture as per codes ASME "U", "R", “NB” &"CE"(PED). Our product range includes Header-Tank Heat exchangers, Charged Air Coolers, Air cooled heat exchangers, Plat-Fin Coolers, Oil-Cooler, Brazed-Aluminium Cooler & Vessels.

Weiss /Stand: NT3


Tuesday 6 June 10:30 - 18:00
Wednesday 7 June 10:30 - 19:00 *
Thursday 8 June 11.00 - 17:00

*free drinks party from 17.30 to 19.00hrs

Hall 11, RAI Amsterdam, Europaplein, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands


Marine Maintenance World Expo 2017
RAI Amsterdam (Hall 11)
1078 GZ Amsterdam

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